Charleston's Schools
Need New Leadership

Who Runs The Schools?

Charleston County School District is controlled by a school board. This school board hired superintendent Gerrita Postlewait, formerly of Horry county.

Superintendent Postlewait answers to the school board. The school board answers to ... Nobody.

No local or state agency has oversight over the school board. They are accountable only to the voters of Charleston County.

Unfortunately, the school board has been unresponsive to the voters of Charleston county. Instead, they have allowed the superintendent to intimidate outspoken teachers, to fire effective administrators, to shut down successful programs, and to hire her friends from Horry county as highly-paid consultants.

This lack of oversight has resulted in three tremendous problems.

The Problems With CCSD



Rather than representing the residents of Charleston County, the school board has handed their authority to an unelected bureaucrat - Superintendent Postlewait. This has resulted in a mass exodus of educators, a complete lack of strategic planning or measurable student achievement, and entire portions of the county (particularly North Charleston and rural West Ashley) being neglected.



From multi-million dollar no-bid contracts, to a cavalcade of highly-paid positions for friends and supporters of Superintendent Postlewait, the current school board has stood by and allowed nepotism to become the order of the day. Charleston County has a national reputation as a "honey pot" for consultants and salesmen.



Far from being responsible stewards of taxpayer dollars, the board has overseen a budget that has ballooned to $900 Million for fiscal year 2019, with numerous unexplained line items, numerous costly administrative positions, and tremendous expenses for items that benefit only the superintendent and her staff.

Vote For New Leadership At CCSD

After carefully reviewing all the candidates running in the 2018 election, and conducting a New Candidate Forum (which you can watch in its entirety here)Flip The Board has selected the following four individuals. They have strong educational and organizational experience, a clear understanding of CCSD's strengths and challenges, and they are dedicated to representing students, parents and educators, rather than commercial interests or special-interest groups.

Please note: Although these candidates represent different parts of the district, all Charleston County residents can vote for all four of them. So, no matter where you live, you can vote for Padron for West Ashley, Johnson & Rambo for East Cooper, and Pettigrew for North Area.


Sarah Shad Johnson

Long-time education advocate. Current Chair of District 2 Constituent School Board (was elected Chair four months after being elected). Strong background in law, finance, and policy. More info at the campaign's Facebook page


Paul Padron

Experienced educator: recently retired after serving CCSD for 25 years as a teacher, assistant principal and principal. Deep knowledge of CCSD strengths and challenges.


Vivian Sheppard Pettigrew

Experienced educator: has served CCSD schools for 32 years as a teacher, trainer and administrator. Is also a business owner, with a strong background in finance and accountability.


Jake Rambo

Experienced educator: served CCSD schools for 10 years as a teacher, assistant principal and principal. Strong advocate for students, teachers, and restoring trust & transparency to CCSD. More info at

What Should The New Board Do?


  • Emphasize solution-focused programs that put children first.
  • Engage in positive dialogue with parents and citizens.
  • Revise disciplinary procedures to ensure safety of teachers & students.
  • Initiate best practices for measuring district health.


  • Hire and properly oversee a new superintendent.
  • Reduce redundant/unnecessary administrative staff.
  • Encourage open & honest feedback from employees.
  • Listen to educators, and give weight to their experience.


  • Audit the budget to remove waste/corruption.
  • Reduce redundant/unnecessary expenses.
  • Ensure that all funds are being used effectively.
  • Act as good stewards of taxpayer dollars.

It's Time To Flip The Board!

In the last mid-term election, 10,000 votes would have changed the outcome of every consolidated school board race.

The voters of Charleston County have the power to elect school board members who with in-school experience, and a positive attitude, who will be responsive to county residents.

On November 6, 2018, we have the chance to flip the board!

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